Moses, A Life Of Miracles

From an infant until he closed his eyes on Mount Nebo, the story of Moses is filled with drama, action, tragedy, celebrations, miracles, world changing events, and tremendous historic and spiritual significance.

This sculpture was commissioned for the International Pathfinders Camporee, scheduled for August, 2024.

The depiction of the main figure is Moses on Mount Nebo, at the end of his life of service. He is reflecting on the many miracles and events of his life, as well as the close relationship...


Dress-Up Time

As young as two or three, our children seem anxious to join the adult world. Interestingly this trend reverses as we reach our late 20's. But during the innocence and playfulness of childhood, playing dress-up continues to occupy many a child's heart and time.

Dress-Up Time depicts a young girl putting on a fashion extravaganza, complete with charming pose, the scarf, and mom's shoes. Her sassiness will bring a touch of joy to any decor or setting.


The Heart of God

Mary Magdalene represents the brokenness, separation and shame in each of us.

God sent His Son to look you and me in the eye, while lovingly cupping our sobbing faces to remind us of our connection and nobility that was lost in Eden

"Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more."

Perhaps for the first time in her life Mary experienced to her core what it's like to be complete. Her past seemed so far removed, her future filled with promise. By receiving the unconditional love that infused...