The Studio

Victor Issa’s studio is nestled in the foothills near Loveland, Colorado, an art colony famed as the sculpture capital of America. He shares creative camaraderie and an awe-inspiring environment with many internationally recognized sculptors including Kent Ulberg, Rosetta, George Lundeen, Herb Mignery, Fritz White and many more.

In the past decade, Victor Issa Studios has been the genesis of literally dozens of the most remarkably life-like figures to be sculpted by any artist. The process “creating living bronze” is arduous and enormously time-consuming; many of the tools remain little changed from those used by Michelangelo and Rodin. A staff of talented artisans assists in the meticulous process of translating a detailed miniature study created by Victor to a clay model in final size that is then perfected by the artist. Many hundreds —sometimes thousands—of hours are involved in the creation of “living” bronze, time and skill that are reflected in the high-value collectors place on such remarkable works of art.

When you are traveling in our area, we would be very pleased to have you visit our studio and observe the process of Creating Living Bronze.