129,600 Drawings

Fine Sculpture And The 129,600 Drawings
In my last blog I addressed the concept of fine art/sculpture as an unrelenting pursuit of truth and beauty. In this blog, I would like to briefly address one of the technical aspects of fine sculpture, and that is the concept of 129,600 drawings.

In the world of representational (realistic) art the artist’s objective is to capture the essence of what is real, what is seen and what is perceived. In two dimensional work (paintings and drawings) the profile...


What makes fine art sculpture?

So, what makes it fine art sculpture?

How do you define art? Is it really “in the eye of the beholder?” In a world too busy to breath sometimes, every once in while we encounter something that takes our breath away; a beauty that transcends language, a presence that imprints on our hearts and minds. It’s an experience that changes us and uplifts us to a higher plain of existence.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

Fine art

1 a : art (as painting, sculpture, or music) concerned primarily...